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A Trustworthy Metalwork Roofer

The installation or repair of a roof includes, among other things, the covering, but also the metalwork, which includes the design and installation of all metal components of your roof. Whether for gutters, chimney linings, or the roof itself, you can entrust us with this important task.

Why is the metalworker necessary?

Every building is different and each building has its own peculiarities. It is therefore crucial to design any custom piece of metal to preserve the appearance of your property, ensure good ventilation of the roof, and prevent leaks.

Your metalwork roofer is responsible for designing and installing the trim pieces for your roof. It is he who must take care of the installation of soffits and fascias that ventilate your attic space and protect your roof edges. He can also install or repair your eavestroughs.

It is important to use a qualified metalworker, since an improperly installed eavestrough can cause water accumulation and seepage that could damage your building. Similarly, improperly installed soffits could cause moisture accumulation conducive to mould growth.

The metalworker also covers the installation and design of chimney caps, an essential part of your roof. Indeed, the cap prevents the infiltration of water through the chimney, making it a critical aspect of your roof!

Sheet Metal Roofs

Sheet metal roofs have an extremely long lifetime and can give your home a great look. This type of high-end roof must be designed and installed by a skilled metalsmith roofer to guarantee durability and the quality of its installation.

These traditional roofs are particularly suitable for Canadian homes and gabled houses.

Add Style to Your Home

The metalsmith is also a craftsman who will be able to design custom metal pieces that will add character to your building. It is possible to manufacture moldings, chimney caps, gutters, and even custom metal coverings.
Just mention your ideas to the metalsmith and he will be able to work with you to find the aesthetic solution to suit you.

Toiture Unix Is Synonymous with Competence

We have served our clients for over 10 years and our excellent reputation has been built upon the skills of our roofers and metalsmiths. We like work to be well done and we do everything to ensure your satisfaction. Toiture Unix is the entrepreneur you need for all your metalsmith work.
Want to increase the value of your home with a beautiful tin roof or would you like to install new gutters? Want to repair your soffits and fascias to prevent the accumulation of moisture in your attic? Contact us today and we will gladly send you a price estimate of the work!

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