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The Commercial Roofer You Need for a Long-Lasting Roof

The roof of a commercial building is of paramount importance. As well as protecting the assets of your business, you may also find yourself partially liable to protect those of your tenants. It would be a shame should the failure of a roof require you to indemnify your tenants for the damage caused to their property.

As the roof is constantly exposed to the ravages of the elements, your commercial roofing needs to be especially strong and durable. Your building must be adequately protected against the sun, snow, ice, and rain. This is why you need to hire a trusted commercial roofer, such as Toiture Unix.

A Qualified Roofing Contractor

Our extensive experience in commercial roof installation allows us to offer a superior service to meet all your roofing needs. As a commercial roofer, we know that you need a dependable product that will protect your merchandise and that of your tenants.

If you have been looking for an experienced commercial roofer, look no further. At Toiture Unix, we know that each building is different and we know what kind of covering will be best suited to your needs. Our experienced roofers guarantee impeccable work and assure you that your commercial roofing will be installed properly.

The Elastomeric Membrane Roof: A Long-Lasting Solution

Most commercial buildings have flat or gently sloping roofs, which lend themselves perfectly to a roof of elastomeric membrane. This type of covering provides excellent protection against the elements and is ideal for roofs with a very large surface area. The elastomeric membrane has a lifespan of up to 30 years and requires very little maintenance, making it an extremely attractive product.

Moreover, this type of roof is compatible with all sorts of decks and can be secured in several ways. This versatile solution is ideal for almost all types of buildings and is available in pale shades to minimize heat absorption during the summer season.

Maintain Your Roof to Maximize its Longevity

Clearly, you will care for your roof if you want to avoid trouble. Call a trusted commercial roofer, such as Toiture Unix, to make sure your roof is in good condition.

Given the ruthlessness of the Quebec winter, a single fissure could turn into a disaster if you don't catch it early enough. So be sure to do business with a commercial roofer with the experience necessary to address your roofing problems once and for all.

To obtain a quotation for the installation or repair of your roof, contact us today! We will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you as to the perfect solution for your commercial building.

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