Asphalt and gravel roof in Montreal

The Asphalt and Gravel Roof: A Practical and Affordable Solution

It is important to protect your roof from the elements so that your home or commercial building remains comfortable throughout the year. So you need a durable covering capable of preventing cracks and water seepage.

Your roof should be resistant to ultraviolet rays and heat, but it will also need to be able to withstand snow, cold, frost, and thaws.

As each building is different, make sure to choose the right solution for each type of roof. Flat and gently sloped roofs are particularly suited to multilayer coverings, such as elastomeric membrane or asphalt membrane.

Of What Is Asphalt Roofing Constituted?

It is a felt roofing membrane soaked with liquid asphalt. This multilayer system is then covered with gravel to protect the asphalt from the deterioration caused by solar radiation and to prevent it from contracting and expanding too much during major temperature changes.

It is also possible to use light-coloured gravel to reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it. That also allows you to reduce heat islands, an important problem in the summer in urban areas.

The lifespan of a gravel roof varies between 20 and 25 years, but can be extended with proper maintenance. That is why we recommend that you contact an experienced roofer, such as Toiture Unix, to conduct a thorough annual inspection of your asphalt and gravel roof. In this way, you can make minor repairs that may well save you money in the long run.

An Affordable Roof for Your Building

Whether you own a residential or a commercial building, asphalt roofing is a very affordable choice. However, it is very important to do business with a qualified expert roofer, since these roofs must be installed properly to remain strong and waterproof.

This type of roof requires proper maintenance to be kept in good condition for many years. The gravel needs to be properly in place to protect your membrane roof from the harmful rays of the sun.

However, to avoid trouble down the road, it is recommended that you add asphalt and replace the gravel. Exposure to sunlight can cause cracks to form and, therefore, it is advisable to add liquid bitumen to the exposed asphalt portion, even if it seems intact. Your master roofer is the most qualified person to perform maintenance on your roof. Trust him!

For all your installation and maintenance needs for your asphalt and gravel roofing, call Toiture Unix to ensure a high quality of work. For over 10 years, we have done everything in our power to deliver our customers unparalleled service. Contact us today for a quote!

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